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Clubhouse Highlights from our Health Leader Interview with Gustaf Kranck on the Vagus Nerve

By Brian Duggan

Gustaf Kranck of Vagus.Co and Vagus Watch is a leading translator of some of the latest information on the Vagus Nerve. I sought him out to be the first guest in the series of interviews we are planning with healthcare innovators, offered in conjunction with the Wellness Club on Clubhouse.

Our wide ranging 90 minute discussion on Thursday 4/22 included:

--The importance of the Vagus Nerve as a driver of homeostasis within the body, which may be key to its role in longevity, rest, and re-balancing.

--Beyond it just having a role as part of the “gut-brain axis”, he described it as a third brain, adding its own functions on to those of the brain and the enteric nervous system in the gut, and serving as the neurological connection between the two, alongside the chemical connections that exist as well.

--The importance of activation of the Vagus Nerve, and ways to do it. This includes breathing, heart math techniques, stimulation (massage, electrical, magnetic fields or even light based) and more. You can see a top 10 list of methods on Gustaf’s blog at .

--Using heart rate variability as a good general tool for measurement. But even greater value can be had through other measurements, including what Gustaf is offering in his Vagus watch and app, and tying measurements of breathing to heart rate, among others.

--Sleep and the importance of stimulating the rest-response of the Vagus Nerve. One key takeaway: as long as one stays in ‘fight or flight" mode sleep will remain elusive!

--Long COVID and POTS as conditions which may benefit from tVNS, the stimulation of the Vagus nerve peripherally through the ear. Also Tinnitus, as currently explored at:

(Disclaimer: nothing in this post or the session should be taken as medical advice, please consult your doctor before trying any new health practices.)

This session served as a great kick off to our summer round of health leader interviews. Follow us on social media, @citsci4health, (and the Wellness Club and @brianduggan within Clubhouse), and we will keep you posted on future editions!

And thanks again to those of you that were able to join us live for this!


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