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About Us

What is Citizen Science for Health?
Citizen Science for Health is a growing non-profit that shares the vision of many citizen scientists. More than this, CS4H has a vision to transform healthcare by creating bridges between the growing practices of lifestyle medicine, personalized medicine, and “biohacking” and tomorrow’s standard of care.
Why now?
Technology is changing how we make sense of the world, and our bodies and our health are no exception. Medical research and data have traditionally only been accessible through those with PhDs and MDs, or through clinical trials for those lucky enough to live near major research centers.
While the traditional healthcare system and clinical trials have been able to offer astounding leaps in medical research, patients are often left frustrated and unsatisfied by the glacial pace of medical research.
Rather than waiting decades for studies to be completed and analyzed, and many more years before those practices become the “standard of care”, more patients are turning to citizen science.
We start by recognizing that we are all our own experimenters in our own N of 1 clinical trials. In other words, we are our own case studies. Emerging technology is making it easier, more efficient, and more accurate to find the best personalized medical practices for each of us. Citizen science, in many ways, can go far beyond the one-size-fits-all approach that we see in healthcare today.

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