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Welcome to Citizen Science for Health | @CtznSci4Health

Citizen Science for Health is dedicated to empowering patients to:


  • Access and share meaningful health data

  • Participate in experiments, studies and clinical trials in ways that truly benefit all concerned

  • Elevate lifestyle medicine approaches (diet, exercise, stress, etc…) onto an equal playing field with drug interventions


Ultimately, we seek to transform medical research by putting the person back at the center of today’s movement towards "personalized medicine".


Come join with health professionals, patient-advocates, experimenters, quantified-self enthusiasts and others for a lively exploration of our collective efforts in this important frontier.


As a new non-profit, we seek to support everyone in playing their unique part in improving both personal and societal health.​

Our Vision:


Citizen Science for Health believes in spreading the resources, knowledge, and information necessary to get the public thinking about & engaged in citizen science and clinical trials. 

Citizen Science for Health has a vision to transform healthcare by bridging the growing practices of lifestyle medicine, personalized medicine, and “biohacking” into tomorrow’s standard of care.


Citizen Science for Health advocates for patient empowerment and patient-centeredness at every level of medical research and development. 

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