Welcome to Citizen Science for Health

Founded by Brian Duggan, Citizen Science for Health is dedicated to Patient Empowerment & Education, with an emphasis on Brain Health, Healthy Aging and Lifestyle Medicine.


Our activities include:


--Convening conversations with leading experts, both online (via Clubhouse and others) and at leading conferences such as SXSW.


--Researching and testing new science and lifestyle medicine solutions, including dietary, exercise and device solutions.


--Reporting on the evolving “standard of care” as new wellness techniques are proven to be effective.


Our vision:


We seek to transform medical research by putting the person back at the center of today’s movement towards "personalized medicine".


Join us:


Come join with health professionals, patient-advocates, experimenters, quantified-self enthusiasts and others for a lively exploration of our collective efforts in this important frontier.

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