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Please support our "Light" Session at SXSW 2024

Friends--I am excited to announce my proposal to host an exciting panel session at SXSW this coming March:

"Let there be Light--Photobiomodulation for Body and Brain"

…will feature a discussion with top innovators in the space of red-light and near-infrared therapy. This has tremendous implications for the health of our bodies and brains, so I very much hope you can join us for the session.

Also please vote here, so that we are sure to get added to the program:

This is also where you can check out further details on the great speakers that are joining me.

I also plan to co-host our regular Brain Health MeetUp at SXSW, which you can also vote for here:

Note: voting closes August 20th, so please take a minute and click on these links today, in support of bringing these important topics forward in Austin next March!




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