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Favorite health quotes from SXSW:

"Why do we make ourselves so sick? Why shouldn’t the default of daily life lead to better health?” ~ Tom Goetz, GoodRx

“As a doctor, I was doing a lot of social work, dealing with things even more important than (my patients) illness.” ~ Karen DeSalvo, US HHS

“Health care spending is the tapeworm in our economy.” ~ Default=Health Panel, quoting Warren Buffet

“Your health is determined by where you live, work and play—it’s your life as much as your ‘health’ (per se).” ~ Karen DeSalvo, US HHS

“The trend is towards consumers owning their own health data. How do we address this in clinical research?” ~ Scarlet Shore, Verily

“I can best be described as a patient empowerment warrior.” ~ Bray Patrick-Lake, Duke

“You can harm people by giving them information (via false positives) if you are not careful.” ~ Robert Califf, Duke

“Is access to data enough? Do we have to make it meaningful?” ~ Scarlet Shore, Verily

“Research has been paternalistic, but we are moving to support participant’s preferences.” ~ Bray Patrick-Lake, Duke

“Patient as ‘participant’ has a different meaning than ‘subject’… it implies an active participation In the research.” ~ Robert Califf, Duke University School of Medicine

“Blue vs. Red in USA is a pretty strong predictor of health in our country. Blue areas are living longer and healthier. How do we reach the red areas to educate on healthy living?” ~ Robert Califf, Duke University School of Medicine

“We are going to try to put together a map of health information that is so good that people will use it (like the online maps that now guide our cars).” ~ Robert Califf, Duke University School of Medicine

“Cancer took more than we ever imagined from us….if we’re going to find answers, if we’re going to seize hope, we’re going to have to do it together.” ~ Jill Biden, Biden Cancer Initiative

“What we were trying to do with health reports at 23&me was too much of a reach, based on the data we had.” (on what she would have done differently) ~ Linda Avey, Precisely

“In 12 years, I don’t know of any case of discrimination based on genetic data, so… so far, so good.” ~ Linda Avey, Precisely

“There is a big difference between having a wearable and having a digital therapeutic. That means the devices have to go through the regulatory approval process.” ~ Kate Merton, JLabs

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could take a patient, and turn them back into a person?” ~ Kate Merton, JLabs

“People are often happier talking about their bowels than their brains.” ~ Jenny Barnett, Cambridge Cognition

“One in four of us will need to see a doctor about our brain or mental health.” ~ Jenny Barnett, Cambridge Cognition

“We don’t have the equivalent of a glucose monitor for the brain.” ~ Jenny Barnett, Cambridge Cognition

“Information is a small part of what comes from patients connecting. Communities existed before organized medicine, and are an under-utilized resource.” ~ Roni Zeiger, Smart Patients

“Health communities answer questions like ‘You’ve been in my shoes–what did you do?'” ~ Doug Rupert, RTI

“So many questions in Health Care… maybe 90%, are judgement calls, without enough data. Someday, I would love to be able to have a real-time consult with other patients.” ~ Roni Zeiger, Smart Patients

“I am trying to get clinicians to prescribe Peer Support.” ~ Roni Zeiger, Smart Patients

“Technology will change everything in healthcare. Every company has to be more engaged with bringing in technology, including through partnerships.” ~ Adam Schechter, Merck Global Human Health

“Technology has the ability to change almost everything. In the future I believe that personalized medicine will be the reason that people will transcend.” ~ Adam Schechter, Merck Global Human Health

“Healthcare as we know it today is transforming from what we’ve known it as traditionally from paternalistic to participatory. Human beings are leaning in and engaging with medical technology.” ~ Rasu Shrestha, UPMC

“Our mission is to extend human healthspan. To do so, you have to understand underlying biology.” ~ Ned David, Unity Biotechnology

“Three things to remember about aging biology: 1) aging is a flexible, malleable thing; 2) aging has control knobs; 3) we are learning to turn these knobs in increasingly safe ways.” ~ Ned David, Unity Biotechnology

“Imagine a future where it didn’t have to hurt to be old.” ~ Ned David, Unity Biotechnology

“The greatest achievement of mankind to date is doubling the lifespan of humans over the last 150 years. Now we need to make sure we are appropriately using that extra time.” ~ as tweeted by Haley Paas

“My message is hope, but it’s hope based on data.” ~ Bryce Olson, FACTS (Fighting Advanced Cancer Through Songs)

“It is a bummer to be in cancer land, given the standard of care.” ~ Bryce Olson, FACTS (Fighting Advanced Cancer Through Songs)

“I wanted my last days (given my cancer diagnosis) to matter.” ~ Bryce Olson, FACTS (Fighting Advanced Cancer Through Songs)

“I work at Intel, and what our medicine group was doing regarding precision medicine, blew my mind when I found out.” ~ Bryce Olson, FACTS (Fighting Advanced Cancer Through Songs)

“Up until now, evolution has guided our destiny, but now we are taking that destiny into our hands (via Gene editing.)" ~ Ilya Finkelstein, University of Texas-Austin


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