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Inspiring results from our 1st Biohacker's Lightning Round, on Clubhouse

By Brian Duggan

As we wrote recently Clubhouse may be the rare social-media site that has promise to enhance mental health, especially amidst our continuing pandemic.

I led an event there this week, which further bolsters this sense:

It was called What the Health?!—A Biohacker’s Lightning Round and it was an experiment conducted in conjunction with Wellness Club. We succeeded in hosting a fast-paced sharing of tips, tools and practices to enhance wellness. Particularly moving were those that shared solutions to the diseases they were confronting, ranging from Cancer and MS to Long Covid. But in all cases, including those of us seeking wellness and a healthy lifespan, as well as those battling a specific diagnosis, there were real positive methods that people were finding (and sharing) to improve their conditions.

Ranging from new techniques like EMF and red light therapies to supplements, dietary and exercise approaches of various kinds, the collective sharing was inspiring in its breadth. Our hope with the event is that we collectively recognize that all of these “N of 1” experiments we are engaged in have the potential, over time, to really reshape the "standard of care", especially through incorporating new tools and lifestyle medicine approaches. Ultimately, we want to transform both medical research and our broken health care system.

We were joined in the discussion by a number of experts including Jane Metcalf, founder of Neo.Life, Michael Geer of Humanity, Dr. Neil Paulvin and Dr. Austin Perlmutter. Austin was among those emphasizing the attitudinal side of our biohacking pursuits, and the need to recognize our true long term goals, so that we can align our behaviors, and our biochemistry, in support of truly personalized Wellness.

All in all, it was a wonderful discussion, and we look forward to playing host to future gatherings in future.

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