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Are your behaviors impacting your risk of Parkinson's?

I’ve written and spoken here before about my being diagnosed with REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder, and that one of the things that comes with that diagnosis is a significantly increased risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease.

I have found it helpful to be pro-active in the face of that risk, including by participating in several observational surveys and studies, and I want to encourage any who are interested to join me.

Our participation can make a big difference as researchers try to understand how to prevent neuro-degeneration.

One study in particular that I want to recommend is being offered by Dr. Laurie Mischley from Bastyr University in Seattle. Her MVP Study on Modifiable Variables in Parkinson’s is one of the most important efforts to track which lifestyle choices may lead to better outcomes, and the study can really benefit from more RBD patients participating, as well as Parkinson’s patients.

You can do it from home, and can learn more about it, including some of the findings to date, which I think offer tremendous promise, here:

I hope you decide to join me, and that collectively we can all make a big difference in this effort!


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