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Thought-provoking Quotes from our Clubhouse Discussion with Nikolina and Gordan Lauc of GlycanAge

Here are some of our favorite quotes from our Clubhouse session last week on Why glycans may be key to your healthy aging. All from our guests Nikolina Lauc and Gordan Lauc, the founders of GlycanAge

"Glycans are sugars that our cells produce and they integrate a lot of information”- Nikolina Lauc

“Glycanage focuses on the glycans that form around the cells of the immune system because the immune system goes everywhere in the body--it keeps us alive.”- Nikolina Lauc

“Inflammation should be thought of as the 10th hallmark of aging”- Nikolina Lauc

“Glycanage was shown to be predictive for future disease and hospital visits, as opposed to Methylation clocks (which may be better for determining chronological age, which is less useful), in a major recent study”- Nikolina Lauc

“What is the point of having a clock you can’t change or having a clock that you don’t understand or don’t know how to improve? That’s why we provide a consultation so that you can understand your results and what you can do with that information”- Nikolina Lauc

“Based on our previous studies, we can make predictions on what will work for someone and what they can do to change their biological age”- Nikolina Lauc

“We have a lot of confidence that having bad glycans is not good for you”- Gordan Lauc

“We know that having the bad glycans that promote a higher glycan age also promotes inflammation. If you have good glycans they actually suppress inflammation”- Gordan Lauc

For example, “Combining caloric restriction with extreme exercise actually increases aging” (in some cases)- Nikolina Lauc

“People who meditate have been seen to (sometimes) have much younger biological ages, without taking medication”-Nikolina Lauc

“We know there is a correlation with mental health as well. We’ve seen that people who have PTSD have an accelerated glycanage by 10 or 15 years”- Nikolina Lauc

“We recently learned that when women enter perimenopause, glycans are one of the first things that change”- Gordan Lauc

“We don’t know yet how glycans correlate with skin aging”- Nikolina Lauc

“The majority of people are not living healthy lifestyles. The reason for this is because the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are not seen until after doing it for several decades.”- Gordan Lauc

Armed with biological age information “We can make a decision or a lifestyle change (that will) change our glycan age”- Gordan Lauc

Follow us on social media, @citsci4health, (and the Wellness Club and @brianduggan within Clubhouse), and we will keep you posted on future editions!

And thanks again to those of you that were able to join us live for this!

(Disclaimer: as always, nothing in this post or the session should be taken as medical advice, please consult your doctor before trying any new health practices.)


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