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Join Us For This Week's Clubhouse Event: How your blood tests can truly improve your Wellness

This is another in our continuing series of Health Leader Interviews, taking place on Clubhouse:

"How your blood tests can truly improve your Wellness"

Thursday, August 12th at 3 PM EST with Dr. Gil Blander, Co-Founder of Inside Tracker, and a leading expert on using data to personalize our individual approaches to our health and wellness.

The standard blood tests your doctor orders are intended to diagnose disease, not optimize wellness.

Doing a deep dive and examining more data points, with an eye towards your optimal levels—not just how “normal” you are—can have far more value, especially around increasing wellness and healthy longevity.

Please join us, and bring your questions as we all seek to uncover what is optimal for each of us.

And for future conversations, you can always follow us here, and also on Twitter and Instagram at @citsci4health

Full details and a link for your calendar are here:


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