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Favorite quotes from HLTH | The Future of Healthcare:

“AI is not going to replace doctors, but doctors who use AI are going to replace (other) doctors.” ~ Steve Levine, STIMULIA

“If patients receive back information that really helps with their health, they will be motivated to contribute more… right now there is not a good correlation between what patients give and get.” ~ Steve Levine, STIMULIA

“What can you really do if you had all this health data in one place? Seqster announces the world’s first ‘multigenerational’ health record.” ~ Andy Arianpour, Seqster

“Scientists warn that constant fear and anger are bad for our health, while being compassionate and warm-hearted contributes to our physical and mental well-being. Therefore, just as we observe physical hygiene to stay well, we need to cultivate a kind of emotional hygiene too.” ~ as tweeted by Dalai Lama (coincidentally posted during the first day of HLTH Conference)

“The siren of ‘healthcare consumerism’ is loud, seductive, and popular—but it’s really a distraction—and it’s often used to support the status quo.” ~ as tweeted by Dan Munro

“We’ve (collectively) invested billions in healthtech over the last 5 years, and haven’t transformed anything. Investment goals must reach beyond pure financials.” ~ Rob Coppedge, Echo Health Ventures

“Healthcare isn’t providing as much caring as it used to.” ~ Praveen Thadani, Humana

“We identify business problems across the health industry that can be uniquely solved by blockchain.” ~ Corey Todaro, Hashed Health

“The healthcare system does nothing to empower the buyer of health care today. Bramble is a new solution built on Etherium (to try to change that)—to try to meet market needs rather than one org’s parochial needs.” ~ Corey Todaro, Hashed Health

“Today you have to buy ‘auto parts’ in healthcare, when you really want a car—you are forced to buy a la carte, and can’t buy, for example, 6 months of Diabetes care.” ~ Corey Todaro, Hashed Health

“Will you do something to help the health of a stranger—can we develop a culture that will do that?” ~ Robert Brook, RAND Corp

“A quarter of what we do ($500 Billion worth) adds nothing to help health. Coming back to see doctors every 12 months is like astrology.” ~ Robert Brook, RAND Corp

“The US spends 50% of the world’s health care dollars for 5% of the world’s population! (With poorer outcomes!)” ~ Stat from HLTH2018

“More people died from opioids in 2016 than died in the entire 20 years of the Vietnam War.” ~ Stat from HLTH2018

“Question number one regarding a digital health device: Does it (really) work? Is it evidence based?” ~ Michael Hodgkin, AMA

“The only way to manage chronic disease is outside of the walls of the clinic. We will never succeed in these areas without these digital/mobile tools.” ~ Michael Hodgkin, AMA

“30 Million Americans have rare genetic diseases.” ~ Francis De Souza, Illumina

“There are over 1000 oncology drugs that are currently in clinical trial.” ~ Francis De Souza, Illumina

“The starting point of your health record is your genome.” ~ Francis De Souza, Illumina

“I get thousands of biomarker tests every quarter. It’s not what everyone should be doing, but I want to understand.” ~ Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures

“Most people today discover they have cardiac disease by having a heart attack—this is archaic—we should know 30 years earlier.” ~ Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures

“In a few years, the largest cost of doing a genome will be the cost of Fedexing the sample!” ~ Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures

“We need a ‘check-up from the neck up’—for our brains—at all stages of life, to meet the challenges of mental health and Alzheimers.” ~ Patrick J. Kennedy

“So much money fixing people, when we could just be keeping them healthy?” ~ Esther Dyson, Wellville

“Not all of us (in Blockchain and AI) will make it. Progress always leaves debris in its wake.” ~ Walter De Brouwer,

“We have to build a ‘crappy’ AI now, so our children’s and grandchildren’s (versions) can be better.” ~ Walter De Brouwer,

“When I hear about the right to be forgotten, I think of the IRS—it would be great.” (said on panel to great laughter) ~ Walter De Brouwer,

“The reason disease management has failed as an approach is that we treated people like a walking disease rather than a whole person.” ~ Brenda Schmidt, Solera Health

“It is only when you lose your health, that you understand how important it is.” ~ Serena Oppenheim, Good Zing

"1 in 20 Google searches is health related!" ~ Serena Oppenheim, Good Zing

“There is a willingness to have self-control of health, but people don’t (often) have the literacy.” ~ Serena Oppenheim, Good Zing

“165 million people in the US have chronic disease. If we can put data in the middle of (their) online conversations, via tech, it can make a huge difference.” ~ Linda Avey,

“The average individual is really trapped when they are in a dire health situation.” ~ Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe

“Good care comes to those who complain. You have to be pro-active for yourself. 1) Own your information 2) Manage your own care.” ~ Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe

“We fundamentally believe that Healthcare is data starved.” ~ Helmy Eltoukhy, Guardant Health

“We have data and science that far outstrips the ability of the healthcare system to give it meaning.” ~ Clayton Lewis, Arivale

“Everybody makes more money in our system the sicker you are—other than the consumer, or maybe a self-insured employer, no one is (appropriately) incentivized. How do we flip that?” ~ Jill Hagenkord, Color

“As a consumer, you have to guard against the system’s perverse disposition to over-treat.” ~ Jill Hagenkord, Color

“Genes are not your destiny in most cases.” ~ Clayton Lewis, Arivale

“We need a new vocabulary to describe what is possible in health care.” ~ Constance Sjoquist, HLTH

“We are always making choices. If you experience the benefit of what you are getting (through our lifestyle program), you don’t mind giving up other things.”

~ Dean Ornish, UCSF/Preventive Medicine Research Institute

“The economic model of health care… causes good people to make suboptimal solutions—that has to change!” ~ Mark Ganz, Cambia Health Solutions

“We are in both the ‘keep people well’ business and the ‘treat sick people’ business.” ~ Marc Harrison, Intermountain Healthcare

“A lot of times people in healthcare think that scale is a strategy—its not! (The focus has to be)… the individual and their family—than how can you not want the system to change!” ~ Marc Harrison, Intermountain Healthcare

“Do you have conviction that health care can change, not just that you can do well within the system?” ~ Marc Harrison, Intermountain Healthcare

“Without consumer engagements, everything we do in this room is for naught.” ~ James Park, Fitbit

“At the end of the day, gathering more signals will empower the users.” ~ Brian Otis, Verily

“Having this info will let us quantify health outcomes over time, in a granular way.” ~ Brian Otis, Verily

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