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Best Health Related Quotes from SXSW

“Don’t interact with the healthcare system without an advocate!” ~ Regina Holliday, Patient Rights Activist “The first patient advocacy question—is this (procedure) what you want?” ~ Regina Holliday, Patient Rights Activist “My number one advocacy point for patients is data access.” ~ Regina Holliday, Patient Rights Activist “I try to come at Alzheimer’s from a hopeful and empowering place—empowering women!” ~ Maria Shriver, Shriver Media “I want to make sure that research and clinical trials include both men and women—by not including everyone, we disadvantage everyone.” ~ Alexandra Socha, The Alzheimer’s Association “Women tend to put their own health on the back burner. That is not respecting yourself or honoring your brain health.” ~ Maria Shriver, Shriver Media “You have to challenge and stress your brain (to keep it healthy).” ~ Maria Shriver, Shriver Media

“Capturing the patient’s voice from online channels is crucial to understanding how we focus on patient centered care.” ~ Senem Guney, NarrativeDx “The opportunity to create a med school from start was impossible to ignore—the chance to confront the dysfunction in health care.” ~ Clay Johnston, Dell Medical School “Our healthcare system is perfectly designed (given the original goal) to be provider centric—rather than patient or community centric. Google is an opportunity to have leverage (and change that).” ~ David Feinberg, Google “Cuba spend 1/14th of what we do—and gets a better healthcare outcome.” ~ Clay Johnston, Dell Medical School “People want to get back to loving their life, and not even think about health. Only 20% of health has to do with hospitals.” ~ David Feinberg, Google “In healthcare we are trying to make the line go faster at blockbuster, rather than inventing Netflix.” ~ David Feinberg, Google “Doctors used to taste urine to tell if their patients were diabetic. New tech tests (like computer aided imagery reading for radiologists) make things better for doctors, rather than eliminate them.” ~ David Feinberg, Google “There is a moral obligation, if we come up with a new screening, to get it out there. We need to move fast, but we have to continue to build trust.” ~ David Feinberg, Google “We take years to answer one specific question in medicine… it takes way too long.” ~ Clay Johnston, Dell Medical School “Our clinical trial system is so broken—while we are innovating in so many other areas. If we are not learning from every patient, we are losing tremendous amounts of data.” ~ Clay Johnston, Dell Medical School

“I think this is the age of the patient innovator—impatient innovators!” ~ Shawna Butler, EntrepreNURSE “Per WHO, patient empowerment is a process through which people gain greater control over their actions and decisions.” ~ Rasu Shrestha, Atrium Health “There are only a handful of interventions that have taken advantage of the method of actions of electricity (rather than chemistry, in the brain).” ~ Kate Rosenbluth, Cala Health “How can a ChatBot become a HealthBot?…How can they impact positive outcome?” ~ Sander Ruitenberg, Novartis “Entertainment is a way to cue the motor system via the auditory system.” ~ Brian Harris, MedRhythms

“All the value-based care in the world is not going to save us, if 20% of our economy (the Health Care System) keeps growing in a straight line.” ~ Niall Brennan, Health Care Cost Institute “We are not transparent about how this healthcare system works, because those that have the power are benefiting from the inscrutability.” ~ Stacey Chang, Dell Medical School “Healthcare is the only part of the American economy where having an “Epic problem” means something different.” ~ Niall Brennan, Health Care Cost Institute

“There are years and years behind these things (targeting senescent cells), but they haven't been seen outside of the laboratory.” ~ Matthew Scholz, Oisin Biotech “In ten years you are going to be able to buy things that will extend your life dramatically,but they won’t yet be ‘standard of care” which lags behind by years.” ~ Matthew Scholz, Oisin Biotech “Eventually, anyone who is on Medicare will be getting life extension treatment. Old people aren’t costly, sick people are costly.” ~ Matthew Scholz, Oisin Biotech “We are for the first time gaining the ability to change ourselves.” (through gene therapy) ~ Matthew Scholz, Oisin Biotech “My pet theory: Exercise is like being a custodial grandparent—nature rewards us by living longer if we take care of ourselves.” ~ Mark Katakowski, Forever Labs “Cannabis is moving (via dosing) to more of a healthcare play and less of a let’s get high and see what happens play.” ~ Eugenio Garcia, Cannabis Now Conference Link: SXSW Interactive


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