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Favorite Quotes from Berkeley ART (Aging Research and Technology Summit), part 1

“Who is going to carry the water in Mental Health: government, academia, private sector? All of us.” ~ Tom Insel, Mindstrong Health “It is going to take: 1. The mission of academia, 2. the tech of the private sector, and 3. the policy-crafting of the public sector (to meet our mental health challenges).” ~ Tom Insel, Mindstrong Health “In terms of digital biomarkers and ‘phenotyping’, it is great to have a smoke alarm, but what you need are first responders.” ~ Tom Insel, Mindstrong Health “Some of the earliest signals of neuro-degeneration are mood. Part of the triad of early symptoms of Parkinson’s is depression.” ~ Tom Insel, Mindstrong Health “For the vast majority of my career, Alzheimers was just diagnosed by symptoms. It wasn’t until 2018 till we had a biological framework for Alzheimers.” ~ William Jagust, UC Berkeley “The prodomo period of Alzheimers may be 33 years, before symptoms appear!” ~ William Jagust, UC Berkeley “How come there are people that are resilient when it comes to brain aging?” ~ Daniela Kaufer, UC Berkeley “We always think about neurons, but brain vessels turn out to be critical.” ~ Daniela Kaufer, UC Berkeley “Vascular leakiness (of the blood brain barrier) is super important—it drives the disease process, it changes the environment and the glial cells, and can cause cognitive decline.” ~ Daniela Kaufer, UC Berkeley “One third of football players have leakage in their blood brain barrier at the season’s end.” ~ Daniela Kaufer, UC Berkeley Conference Link: Berkeley ART (Aging Research and Technology Summit)

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