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Favorite Quotes from Berkeley ART (Aging Research and Technology Summit), part 2

“About 90% of what happens between Parkinson’s patients and their doctors are qualitative, not quantitative.” ~ Steven Demello, UC Berkeley “By 2050, Alzheimer’s could cost 1.1 Trillion dollars a year. This would bankrupt our healthcare system.” ~ Miyoung Chun, UC Berkeley “Robin Williams was found (on autopsy) to have Lewy Bodies throughout his brain, including in his amygdala, leading to panic attacks.” ~ Randy Schekman, UC Berkeley “Parkinson’s may be more like Autism, where you are on a spectrum, or like Cancer where there are hundreds of types.” ~ Randy Schekman, UC Berkeley “By 2030, over half the incidents of Parkinson’s disease will be in China.” ~ Randy Schekman, UC Berkeley “We have experienced a pandemic in Parkinson’s disease.” ~ Randy Schekman, UC Berkeley “With Neurodegeneration, I think the brain isn’t getting the glucose it needs, even if there is plenty in ‘the lower 48’.” ~ Edward Blonz, UC Berkeley “In Nigeria, there is no correlation between apoE4 and Alzheimer’s, because they have no vascular disease. That changes if they move to a US diet.” ~ Edward Blonz, UC Berkeley “The longer you keep someone awake, the more tau and beta amyloid that you find circulating through the nervous system.” ~ Joseph Winer, UC Berkeley “Beware of the phrase ‘clinically proven’ when it comes to mind games and training as it may be meaningless.” ~ John Swartzberg, UC Berkeley “The more cognitive reserve you have, the less likely you were to develop dementia, even in the presence of brain pathology (in a study)” ~ John Swartzberg, UC Berkeley “What can people do to maintain our cognitive status or prevent dementia? Older people who did more games and other leisure activities seemed less likely to develop cognitive impairment and dementia, in a study.” ~ John Swartzberg, UC Berkeley Conference Link: Berkeley ART (Aging Research and Technology Summit)

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