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Favorite Quotes from HLTH | Create Health’s Future

“Sleep health is general health.” ~ as tweeted by Dreem “The breakthrough medicine of this century is patient engagement.” ~ as tweeted by Welldoc “Biomarkers represent a new phase in medicine. They provide a constant stream of data that could inform drug discovery.” (on AI’s place in pharma) ~ Dan Vahdat, Medopad “I think blockchain is great, but it is being promoted for things it is not best at… I hear it being presented as a desert topping at this pint.” ~ Chris Ross, Mayo Clinic “Physicians don’t hate tech. We love tech. The difference is the tech in our homes works for us and the tech in healthcare does not… this is what needs to be fixed.” ~ Marijka Grey, CommonSpirit Health “Hopefully, years from now it will be recorded in history that we made a difference. That we demonstrated that, in order to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, you need total health.” ~ Bernard J.Tyson, Kaiser Permanente “I am blazing a trail at the intersection of science, technology and cancer. I can do that because I am at a company (Intel) at the middle of all of (these players).” ~ ⁦Bryce Olson, Intel “America has been sold a big myth: Insurance is not a proxy for wellness. It has nothing to do with wellness.” ~ Mark Cuban, Mark Cuban Companies “No candidate has asked the question. What is going to make the population healthier?” ~ Mark Cuban, Mark Cuban Companies “Any plan based on insurance companies is going to fail because the incentives are not aligned.” ~ Mark Cuban, Mark Cuban Companies “Your proteome turns over 40,000 times during the course of your life.” ~ Roy Smythe, SomaLogic “If you’re a healthcare company and don’t have a patient opinion leader advisory board ask yourself why.” ~ Jack Barrette, WEGO Health

Conference Link: HLTH | Create Health’s Future

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