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8 of our favorite quotes from this week’s Clubhouse Event with Dr. Gil Blander of InsideTracker

This week we featured another “Health Leader Interview” as part of our “Agemarkers” Series with the Wellness Club on Clubhouse:

Dr. Gil Blander and I explored the power blood has to let us know what is going inside our bodies. As the founder and CSO of InsideTracker, Dr. Blander was able to share an array of detailed info, not just on their services, but what they have learned from 1.68 million data points of total blood markers tested over the years.!

It is exciting to see their progress towards what some are calling P4 Medicine--personalized, preventative, predictive, and participatory!

Below are 8 great quotes from the session (all from Gil):

“Blood (is a great biomarker because it) validates and calibrates everything happening in your body”

“What is interesting about blood is that it is a physician grade bio marker. It is very accurate and there is already a lot of research on blood”

“Normal is boring. Everyone wants to be optimal”

“(optimizing) HealthSpan is about how you live (healthier) when you get older”

“We need to look at food as the drug of choice. Move from the medicine cabinet to the refrigerator”

“DNA information alone is not a very strong tool. It is of limited value. The value is when you combine it with blood or activity information”

“It was very exciting to look at telomeres but now it is unclear whether it is the cause or the effect. It is an interesting phenomenon but it is not clear what you can do with it”

“I see the current US hospital system more like a hotel and a gym. Their incentive is to fill the hospital beds (like a hospital) and have the machines active all the time (like a gym). It’s a system that makes a lot of money and it is not easy to change it.”

--all quotes from Dr. Gil Blander, founder and CSO, Inside Tracker

Follow us on social media, @citsci4health, (and the Wellness Club and @brianduggan within Clubhouse), and we will keep you posted on future editions!

And thanks again to those of you that were able to join us live for this!

(Disclaimer: as always, nothing in this post or the session should be taken as medical advice, please consult your doctor before trying any new health practices.)


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