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An Invitation to Join Our Clubhouse Gathering About Testing Biological Age!

Join me and 4 top experts as we explore the value of new tests for your Biological Age!

On Clubhouse, Wednesday April 28th at 1pm Pacific time

For some years I’ve been convening gatherings and giving presentations at various events like SXSW. Over time these have migrated from being about event technology and Sponsorship to my current interests around Wellness, Brain Health and Healthy Aging.

One hidden benefit of our Pandemic year is that these events and gatherings have now found a way to flourish online. Some are on Zoom, but many are now on Clubhouse. I am working with The Wellness Club, one of the largest health groups on Clubhouse, to continue offering programming on topics of interest.

One is coming up next week:

Can new tests 🧬really reveal your biological age?

As we quest for more years of health🕺, can we know how well we are doing? Come dialog with experts on the science behind these tests, the biomarkers 🧬they track, and their impact on Wellness & Longevity!


Bill Andrews, Molecular Biologist, Aging Research and Founder of Sierra Sciences

Bobby Brooke, Executive Director, The Clock Foundation & Co-founder Intervene Immune, Inc

Nikolina Luac, Co-Founder, Glycanage

Michael Geer, Co-founder, Humanity

Wednesday, April 28th 1pm pacific

if you would like to join us, I would love to see you there!

And if you want to be on the list for news about future health-themed sessions, including others we may be offering as a part of our AgeMarker's Series, you can sign up here .

Also, if you need an invite to be able to access Clubhouse, let me know, ( )as I do have some to share.


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