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Clubhouse Gathering: Explore the 7 Tenets of Aging

Join me, Brian Duggan, for a Health Leader interview with Dr. Sandra Kaufman this Thursday, June 17th at 12 PM (PDT).

This interview with Dr. Sandra Kaufman, Author of The Kaufman Protocol: Why we age and how to stop it , will explore her 7 tenets of aging, and how we can slow down our body’s aging by focusing at a cellular level. Dr. Kaufman has summarized the complexities of cellular aging into 7 science-based categories of function, that each need to be addressed to improve your health and lifespan.

Join us to learn more, and bring any and all questions!

We look forward to seeing you there.

If you need an invite to join Clubhouse let me know ( ) and I will provide you access.


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