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Highlights from our clubhouse session: "Can new tests really reveal our biological age?"

By Brian Duggan

We had another wonderful Health Leader interview event Wednesday, this time as part of our AgeMarkers Series, in conjunction with the Wellness Club, focusing on the biomarkers that can help us unlock healthy aging.

Here are some of the top quotes from our Speakers and Guests:

“The best test of biological aging is to look in the mirror”

~ Bill Andrews, Founder, Sierra Sciences

“When we get to the point of reversing the aging process, we’ll find out if any of the bio-markers actually work. Otherwise, the numbers don’t mean anything.”

~ Bill Andrews, Founder, Sierra Sciences

“We have misconceptions around health - we follow health trends blindly without validating them with bio markers, and that can result in negative results.”

~ Nikolina Lauc, Co-founder, Glycanage

“What was the gateway drug that got people to change their health in a better trajectory. The only way you can do that is by monitoring people’s behavior”

~ Michael Greer, Co-founder Humanity

“The issue is the way you define the bio markers - for example, your lifespan is always subject to being run over by a bus. It’s a complex inter-related system”

~ Ester Dyson, Founder, Wellville

“There is no one number that reveals your identity. It (aging) is a way more complex system We’re looking for the wrong answer if we’re looking for a single number… Your body is made of a bunch of inter-connected parts. Your liver may be older than your brain”~ Ester Dyson, Founder, Wellville

“My bias is in understanding the biological underpinnings beneath what we do.

What can we understand about what our biological signals tell us about healthy behavior patterns?” ~ Dr Austin Perlmutter, Author Brain Wash

“When you are testing different treatments you want to see effects that are unequivocal that will show up on multiple markers. We need really interesting treatments that shift an epigenetic clock by a decade. Something that has very profound effects.” --Robert (Bobby) Brooke, Co-Founder, The Clock Foundation

“The numbers always indicate big generalizations”

~ Nikolina Lauc, Co-founder, Glycanage

“I think some biomarkers are more sensitive than others. They can detect changes sooner than others. I think that's one of several factors to consider when evaluating any biomarker” -- Robert (Bobby) Brooke, Co-Founder, The Clock Foundation

“The real way to show that any marker is affecting aging is to reverse aging and see if any of those markers are reversed. So the big question is how do we reverse aging? And the answer isn’t in biomarkers…”

~ Bill Andrews, Founder, Sierra Sciences

“The only way to know aging is reversed is to see someone like Betty White go from 95 to 25… We won’t know if any number means anything if it doesn’t pass the Betty White test.” ~ Bill Andrews, Founder, Sierra Sciences


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