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Join Our Clubhouse Gathering! Learn and Share Health Tips

By Brian Duggan and Jane Kuszmaul

Citizen Science For Health is convening an online gathering, and we would love it if you can join us and add your voice!

While we couldn’t gather together in person this year at SXSW as we do most years in March, we have put together a very interesting format for a conversation on Clubhouse this Wednesday, and we hope you can join us:

Come connect with others who are making positive steps to improve their health! Take a 30 second turn on stage to share one concrete tool or technique you are experimenting with to improve your health, your brain, and your longevity.

We will learn from one another, and over time our small “N plus 1” experiments will add up to a new health care system and an improved “standard of care” for everyone. We will also feature powerful tips from surprise guests.

Our non-commercial event will be through Jeremiah Owyang’s Wellness club, which has 80K+ followers, promising a diverse group of people. Clubhouse has no pressure to stay any specific length of time, so pop in for however long you choose.

We aren’t giving speeches, just sharing tips and ideas. Join us in this movement for health transformation and patient empowerment!

Log on March 24th at 1PM pacific time!


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