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Serendipity abounds at our 2nd ‘Lightning Round’ Wellness event on Clubhouse.

By Brian Duggan

We held our second “lightning round” session in conjunction with The Wellness Club on Clubhouse this week, once again focusing on “What brings you Wellness?” The turnout was great, and we were delighted and amazed once again by the diversity of ideas shared.

These sessions reinforce how many parts of our lives are touched by Wellness approaches, and how many different ways there are to enhance our Wellness. Guests shared ideas ranging from breathing, journaling and self-massage to epigenetic testing and finding ways to activate one's NRF-2 pathway.

We heard examples of lifestyle interventions including everything from meditation to removing toxins from our environment, to exploring new ways of storytelling, and shaping our self-narratives.

One of the superpowers Clubhouse shares with conferences and other live events is the serendipity that can often take place. We had invited Nikolina Lauc from Glycanage as one of our guests at the session, which did lead to some brief discussion on testing for one’s biological age (which will be the subject of this session we are doing next week). But one of our other guests, Cathleen Beerkens, from A Wellness Revolution, turned out to be an avid student of glycoscience, the emerging field which Glycanage is a part of.

It is powerful when those kinds of unexpected connections can come together. These discoveries are why we put these events together, and why each participant makes them more powerful. To all those who joined, we hope you enjoyed yourself, and to all those who didn’t, there’s always next week!


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