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Top 19 Podcasts for Brain Health, Longevity and overall Wellness.

Health information is exploding all around us. One rich source are the many podcasts being offered either directly by leading researchers, or by skilled interviewers who are helping the experts tell the story of what they are discovering.

My journey (link to video) has been enriched by these voices, and by the convenience of being able to absorb them while hiking, driving, etc…

Given how much information is out there, I recommend you pick and choose what speaks to you from this world. As a guide and jumping off place, I have just posted here a number of the health podcasts I have found most valuable,

It turns out to be a top 19 list of my personal favorites, which is summarized below. But check out my full post to see the complete story, including some particular episodes that either spoke to me, or give you a great snapshot of the strengths of that host and guest.

If you’ve got a favorite health themed podcast that I’ve missed here, please let me know, and we consider adding it for future editions. Thanks!

Top health Podcast List

Podcast: The Drive

Host Dr. Peter Attia

Podcast: Bulletproof Radio

Host: Dave Asprey

Podcast: The Tim Ferris Show

Host: Tim Ferris

Podcast: Found My Fitness

Host: Rhonda Patrick

Podcast: The Kevin Rose Show

Host: Kevin Rose

Podcast: Smart Drug Smarts

Host: Jesse Lawler

(currently on sabbatical, but lots of great content in past episodes)

Podcast: Clear & Vivid Host: Alan Alda

Alan's focus, which grows out of the Alda Institute, is on how science gets communicated, including in medical settings. As a Parkinson’s patient himself, his episode with Michael J. Fox is especially powerful: Michael J. Fox: How to Keep Going When Life Gives You Speed Bumps

Podcast: The AfterOn Podcast

Host: Rob Reid Website:

Bio Eats World

The Biocurious Podcast

Huberman Lab

Hard core but accessible NeuroScience from Stanford Professor of Neurobiology Dr. Andrew Huberman.

Live Long and Master Aging

An extended series of one on one interviews with leaders in the Longevity and Healthspan space, conducted by Peter Bowes.

Quantified Health, Wellness and Aging

Science Vs.

Stem Talk


Elite HRV

The Empowering Neurologist Podcast

Wild Health

Disclaimer: I offer all of these suggestions not as a Doctor or Researcher, but as a Patient, and a “Citizen Scientist”. None of this should be taken as medical advice, and certainly you should consult your Doctor when it comes to making decisions about your health.


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