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Vitamin D plays an important role, from COVID-19 to Parkinson’s, and more…..

Jane Kuszmaul

Vitamin D has long been known for its role in bone health, but recent research is uncovering more and more roles this nutrient plays in our body’s health. As we age, our Vitamin D levels decrease, and these low levels are associated with a number of pathologies, including neurodegeneration.

Lower Vitamin D is more common in older or elderly individuals, although why could be due to any number of factors from less time outside in the sun to reduced ability to absorb Vitamin D from food. Those suffering from Parkinson’s are even more likely to have low levels of Vitamin D, and it has been found that Parkinson’s Patients with higher levels of Vitamin D performed better at cognitive tests and had reduced depression.

Vitamin D plays a myriad of roles, but appears to help our immune system manage inflammation. This is not only relevant to Parkinson’s, but also to COVID-19. Vitamin D’s role as an antiviral is valuable, especially in elderly individuals who are already prone to Vitamin D deficiencies.

Though more research is needed to ascertain the particulars of Vitamin D’s roles in brain health and antiviral defense, the correlation is strong between proper levels of Vitamin D and improved health both in Parkinson’s and COVID-19 patients. Maintaining a healthy level of Vitamin D is important, although there continue to be a variety of points of view on how much may be right for you--so be sure to check with your Dr!

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